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    Its aim is to select, collect, systematise, and make accessible to the scientific community the archive of the language and the ethnic culture of the Curonian Spit. Here, the tongue of the fishermen of the Curonian Spit is referred to as the Kursenieku language and is identified as one of the European languages rapidly going extinct. The material collected in the archive is useful not only for linguistic but other types of research as well. As a result, the autochthonous language is one of the assets that most require protection, being an all-encompassing instrument for the expression and creation of culture. The article aims to lay out key aspects of the development of the Kursenieki tongue, the structure of the archive collected and systematised, and the results so achieved.

    Loureiro, Celina P. The diagnosis of the studied Ergonomic, Analysis, Intervention, Risk conditions and the consequent adjustments perception, Systems represent the ergonomic intervention. The appearance of commercial areas with free circulation of people represents a new Ergonomic Ergonomic social-technical system that provides the intervention Analisys interaction between clients and professionals in common areas.

    In such contexts, clients are assuming a vital role in top management strategies becoming intrinsically linked to the organizations. New ergonomic approaches are required since traditional ergonomic analysis is focused in occupational environments.

    This paper allows a better knowledge of the ETdA model conceptualization. The set of relationship, clients analyst professional observation tools and the ETdA ergonomic factors should be considered in the ergonomic analysis development effectiveness. A case study was Figure 1:ETdA continuous model made using the trinomial represented by the related dimensions: analyst, professional and This model was developed to be used in clients.

    In fact, the emergence of these areas ergonomic intervention. They highlight some represents a new social-technical system Querelle risky situations that otherwise could not be and Thibault were the traditional identified and that can be useful to support the commercial activities are replaced by CAFCP, ergonomic decision.

    The ETdA model is in line providing clients and professionals interaction.

    Elithium - Soluções Inteligentes

    It is aesthetics, prestige, usability and pleasure a continuous model and consequently a feedback Dzissah ; Loureiro ; Santos and Tome model that assists the ergonomist analyst in his ; Staton ; Ziliani In such contexts, the clients command the corporation destiny, supporting the top Workplace management strategies and stretching the different organization hierarchies Lindon et al. Worker The quality of goods and services are improved through the participation of individuals at all a organization levels Taveira et al.

    The traditional ergonomic areas methodologies described in literature present Clients Professional some limitations when used in these new social- technical systems. They are subjective analysis b based only in Ergonomist and employee Figures 2: Binomial a versus Trinomial b evaluation and just focused in occupational ergonomic approach environments.

    The development of new ergonomic approaches is required. These should Table1: ETdA ergonomic factors allow a more detailed analysis of the real activities Environment Occupational Individual of individuals, considering the CAFCP not only in Factors ergonomic ergonomic an occupational perspective, but also from a factors factors usability point of view.

    Effectively, the CAFCP Noise Professional Work postures are common areas where clients and professionals training quality interact and can, equally, be exposed to the same Illumination Decision General ergonomic risk factors. An evolution in the making physical activity traditional ergonomic occupational analysis is Thermal Restrictiveness Communication proposed. The ergonomic factors that allow the ETdA operability are intrinsically, or extrinsically, linked to the professional, being respectively considered as environmental or occupational.

    If they are inserted in the organizational schemes of the social-technical systems it will be occupational, otherwise, environmental, when related to the non-occupational contexts Loureiro et al. The proper study of the ergonomic factors in a tridimensional perception will assess the risk situations in commercial areas with free circulation of people and make easy the ergonomic intervention.

    In this new ergonomic context, a multiplicity of relationship was identified and characterized Figure 3. Analyst Direct and indirect observation From the economics point of view, the existence of a CP relationship is very important since its success can determine a sales profits improvement The evaluation forms and the direct and indirect for the organization. The ETdA model defined observation of the analyst follow the methodology this relationship as bilateral, because it is a trust proposed in the Ergonomic Workplace Analysis relation based on a multilevel interaction, Ahonen et al.

    The AP to the seriousness of the situation: very good, relationship usually considered in the traditional good, bad and very bad. This is also quantification of a variety of data and consequent a bilateral relationship but less effective than the establishment of multiple correlations.

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    However, it is ergonomic analysis, and 3 open question Hill, important to emphasize that the benefits of the It is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions. Orphan young man turns into a werewolf in nights of full moon, causing panic in a small country town.

    Preto-Rodas Gainesville, Florida. It includes the representation of two Indian elephants and a rhinoceros. Wide-brimmed hats, tomboy touches and witchy black lace will leave you spellbound. Free shipping for many products!

    Consists of various uncataloged scholarly articles and periodicals from the library of C. His earliest known work is a world map, discovered in London in Francisca Antonia.

    In , Lopo Homem was awarded a pension of 20, reais for life, increased to 5, [citation needed] in He was the father of Diogo Homem, also a cartographer. Sign in. The index arranged chronologically within specific regions of the world. Cartography is the study of map making and cartographers are map makers. Revolvy connects you with interesting topics, lists and quizzes. Copo Americano. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

    The terrestrial sphere of 'The Spheres' tapestries. Media in category "Lopo Homem" The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. I don't know why this reminds me of Game of Thrones. Saint Paul, MinnesotaVersand: KostenlosLopo Homem - Vikipediohttps: Search among more than 1. Part VNR Raquel Pinheiro Soares. Den Haag, The Netherlands Organisation: Black Eyed Peas - Dont Lie 3: Descargalos gratis en todos tus dispositivos - PC, Smartphone, o Tablet.

    LiPo EC5 Plug Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up. Charles Ralph Boxer Collection of offprints written by other scholars, Odorless black powder - no cases of carbon being harmful to humans have been reported. Em participou na Junta Badajoz-Elvas. Cartography or mapmaking in Greek chartis - map and graphein - write is the study and practice of making representations of the Earth on a flat surface.

    Parcele em 3x! O Homem-Lobo Volta a Atacar! Portolan charts from the late thirteenth century to The Chapel These were made not for the purposes of navigation, but to adorn the salons and studies of Kings, Cardinals, and wealthy patrons of geographical studies. It is perhaps the first European map to represent Korea although it does not name it Between each window is a semi-circular gilt console table above which are pier glasses adorned with crystal sconces.

    Lopo Homem 16th century was a Portuguese cartographer and cosmographer. West and East Africa, Asia, and the Pacific 4.

    Welcome to the Official Site for DC. Pedro Sousa Pereira Soares. Asnar Arnal Pasqual Rodriguez Camejo. Lopo Homem traa o seu Planisfrio. The larger part of the collection, Series I, consists of offprints and photocopies of articles.

    Lettering in bold indicates how the name is placed alphabetically in the Encyclopedia. A letter written by Lopo Homem alluding to the board quarrels over the claims of the two kings on exploration rights remains in Torre do Tombo. No need to register, download now!

    The Piri Reis Map displays the earliest, most primitive, and most rudimentary cartography of these islands, a primitiveness that indicates that the earliest of all cartographic records of the discoveries in the New World — a map made by Columbus, or made under his supervision, around or — is preserved in the Piri Reis Map.

    In the second half of the 19th century The use of the Kursenieku language was maintained in holidaymakers discovered the Curonian Spit, and the the domains of family and fishing.

    Despite having to knowledge of the uniqueness of its nature was quick to confirm the bilingualism in fishermen families from the spread in Europe. This way the women of the fishermen significant portion of the population might have used became tourism-service providers and quickly mastered three languages at the same time, or even four during the German language.

    During the IIWW, the ban of the the Soviet period,1 albeit with varying degrees of public use of any other languages took place. In , with Germany having Germans.

    As well as thus, marrying took place almost exclusively with the the other inhabitants of East Prussia, they fled from the old residents of East Prussia — Germans and Lithuanians Soviet army in the autumn of and were sent to — and not with the new settlers sent in by the Lithuanian various regions of Germany. In the years , government, the majority of which were Catholics.

    Only a small percentage incest. Due to , Thus the ethnic community dispersed, taking the community of the speakers being small, the their native language with them and failing to transfer it government of Prussia decided to hold services in both to future generations. Upon leaving, the residents of the Lithuanian and German Forstreuter, The language shift from Lithuanian to German occurred in 2 the southern part at the latest in 18th century In the book by R.

    Pietsch and some Forstreuter, There are a small The geographical criterion was not limited to the coastal handful of autochthons, residents born before the war, region of the Curonian Lagoon; simultaneously material none of whom use the native Kursenieku language. Its was being collected that indicated the relation of the users who emigrated have almost all passed away; they inhabitants to their ethnic homeland — Courland. It contains the substratum of the Old Curonian through archaeology up to the year , but material language; from modern times is not dismissed if it is related to 2.

    The Kursenieku language is key to the heritage. It contained interactions between the Baltic dialects material that may prove valuable to further research, but and the German ones, introduced in the Middle popular press, fiction, and personal archives are Ages; included if they contain unique elements. Some sources 4. Research in onomastics would be extremely reflect the ideology of certain historical periods.

    For valuable to historians, as the names in church books this, among other reasons, not all artefacts in the archive indicate migration and other social processes; are publically accessible. Texts in written and audio records have ethnographic and historical value and are an The data in the archive is classified according to the essential source for the research of the culture of nature of the source: publications, manuscripts, the region that is included in the UNESCO World documents, iconography, video material, audio material, Heritage list.

    This category includes accessible, not only to academics, but also to the general several hundred publications of various sizes and public. A scientific project was prepared and executed genres, ranging from the 16th century Hennenberger to to build an archive of data on interdisciplinary scientific today, related to the topic of the project. Hinze, is a register of lexemes with examples from various sources known to the author.

    The author Thematically, artefacts related to the development of the died before the work could be completed, hence we do ethnic culture of the Curonian Spit and its cultural not know what the end result could have been. The manuscript had to be deciphered and made as suitable as 4 The project was funded by the Research Council of possible for further work.

    Mostly, those are historical video material has also been translated into English. The life stories of autochthons of the offered to use his own material, not yet known to the Curonian Spit that repatriated after the war, their project manager, to create a documentary.

    The and ethnologists alike. has expired

    In summer, it was kinds: archival documents copies of church books, tax showed in Nida and was equally popular among and other registers of inhabitants, document holidaymakers from Germany, and Latvian and descriptions, diaries, letters , legal documents, projects, Lithuanian audiences.

    The film is being demonstrated in plans, etc. Church books and other lists of persons not international conferences and prepared for film only reflect the migration processes of the residents, and festivals. Its contents are a conversation in Kursenieku provide data on the social and economic situation e. The brothers are expressive and also a direct source for the research of names as a talkative, great at maintaining dialogue and are able to subject of linguistics.

    They also share found online. This sub-section contains rarer maps memories about the German writer Thomas Mann, who obtained from the archives, such as plans of settlements spent three summers in Nida.

    The dialogues are that include names of landowners, etc. The pictures illustrate the scenery, the landscape, the work of the fishermen, everyday life, and customs. With them, we can follow changes in the region and identify objects that have changed or disappeared. The audio material contains about 70 hours worth of audio recordings, collected from expeditions conducted by the authors of the project, as well as other people.